5 Of The Best Fat Burning Foods That Work Fast For Weight Loss!

Pomegranites are one of the best fat burning foods for weight loss

Can you lose Weight With Food Alone? Learn How to Burn Fat Naturally With These Five Fat Busting Foods!

If you are an avid reader here at GeoLeaders then you probably know how much we love and promote fat burning supplements.

We feel that they are a staple in any fat loss program.

But while there are many valuable fat burners available in the market, there are also other methods that you can use to help you start trimming your love handles that don’t involve supplements.

So if you are someone who wants to start getting lean and you would rather do it naturally using foods which have fat burning abilities, we have some great suggestions in this article for you.

Here are 5 fat burning foods that we consider out of this world!

1. Green Tea

Drinking Green Tea has been one of the most popular and traditional ways to gain health that has been around for centuries, especially in the Eastern part of the world.

Green Tea Extract is also popular amongst people who want to lose fat because it contains something called Epigallocatechin Gallate, or EGCG.

In addition to being a powerful antioxidant, this mighty health promoting component of green tea is said to also be able to improve cardiovascular health as well as help enhance your metabolism and fat burning abilities.

Research has demonstrated pronounced cardiovascular and metabolic effects through regular consumption of 5-6 or more cups of green tea per day.

Another component of Green Tea that makes it one of the most popular natural fat fighting foods is its naturally occurring caffeine, which is also well known to have fat burning abilities as well as energy stimulating effects.

Taking green tea before a workout can enhance your performance due to its stimulating effects which may lead to a greater energy expenditure by as much as 4%.

ACTION TIP: Want a great and fun natural drink to help you start burning more fat? You can try mixing two cups of all natural organic Green Tea with half a cup of pure pomegranate juice. Then top it off by adding a cup of seltzer water and add some ice. This will surely give you a good kick start on burning your belly fat.

2. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is one of those “super cool” super fruits that contain loads and loads of antioxidants that can help to protect your cells from free radical damage.

But this tasty fruit may also be great for your heart and help prevent the development of atherosclerosis too.

It contains powerful nutrients that help to increase nitric oxide in your body which is responsible for blood flow to various tissues including to the muscles.

This is why it is popular amongst people who like to lift weights and get a good “pump” in their muscles.

In addition to helping you achieve that coveted pump in the gym, the nitric oxide promoting effects of Pomegranate may also help improve your metabolism and support fat burning as well.

ACTION TIP: A great way to help enhance the fat burning effects of your training is to start adding Pomegranate to your daily routine. You can enjoy a tasty pre-workout shake that consists of a mixture of one scoop of all natural Whey Protein Powder and one cup of 100% pure pomegranate juice.

3. Salmon

We have mentioned the benefits of salmon in previous articles but this powerhouse health builder deserves mentioning again.

Salmon has very high concentrations of health promoting Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which can also help to stimulate your fat burning abilities while helping to regulate your triglycerides to healthy levels.

Aside from the Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Salmon is also a good source of high quality muscle building protein and contains important vitamins and minerals which include potassium, selenium and vitamin B12.

ACTION TIP: For a whole new twist on preparing Salmon for your fat loss diet, we have a suggestion for the most delicious salmon salad sandwich you have ever tasted.

You can start out by mixing a 5 oz. can of skinless salmon with a tablespoon of reduced fat Greek yogurt. Then top off the mixture by adding the fresh juice of half a lemon. Finish preparing your sandwich by toasting 2 slices of sesame seed Ezekiel bread and add two slices of extra lean turkey bacon. Top if off by adding one cool crispy green leaf of lettuce and two slices of tomatoes.

4. Tofu

Tofu? Well, not usually considered typical food that is found in most fat loss diets, tofu can be a powerful tool in your fat loss arsenal. This is because tofu contains something called genistein, which is said to provide many health benefits ranging from reducing risks of developing certain types of cancers to improving your cardiovascular health.

Tofu is also great for helping to lose belly fat because it tends to help suppress your appetite, which keeps you from snacking in between meals.

ACTION TIP: A great way to create a super low calorie compliment to any meal is to make a broth using two cups of either chicken or vegetable and add one quarter of a 12.3oz.container of tofu. Then top that off with by adding a slice of scallion, and there you have it.

5. Spinach

Well known for its health promoting qualities, spinach contains fewer calories than most of the typical high carb diet foods like brown rice and yams. Adding spinach to your diet is also beneficial because it contains the powerhouse antioxidants glutathione and alpha lipoic acid.

Like most fibrous veggies, spinach is also loaded with fiber, which can bind with the “bad” LDL cholesterol in your intestines preventing its absorption. This may lead to better cholesterol ratios and a rise in the health promoting HDL cholesterol.

ACTION TIP: Instead of using regular lettuce on your salads and in your sandwiches, start using spinach instead. Since Spinach is so low in calories and loaded with nutrients that your body needs, you can also start adding it to just about everything that you eat, including your health shakes.

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