Phentermine Ingredients: Safety, Side Effects and Warnings

Active ingredients in Adipex and Phentermine

See what really goes into Adipex and Phentermine HCL and learn how to get the most out of this fat loss pharmaceutical.

Do you know what really goes into one of those tiny white pills with blue specks?

This article will cover the main ingredients in Phentermine and how to get the most out of them for more fat loss power.

Let’s start out with a brief overview of what exactly this diet pill is and what it is used for…

Phentermine is a pharmaceutical diet pill that is prescribed to people who are considered clinically obese and are at high risk because of medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Its main purpose is to effectively suppress appetite, enhance metabolism and to boost energy levels for maximum weight loss.

For those who have let their body go to a point of gaining weight that is well in excess of a healthy level, Phentermine 37.5 serves as a neutralizer for an uncontrollable appetite and a stimulant for metabolism.

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Why is Obesity Such a Problem?

Obesity is a serious problem and is viewed as a disease, an illness and an addiction by the medical community.

This addiction stems from a compulsive need to eat, and may typically be caused by depression, boredom or just an ever-growing habit of feeling the need to eat fatty foods, fast food, sodas, pastries and sweets.

The uncontrollable need to eat mixed with a lack of exercise and other physical activity to help burn the fat is what often leads to excessive weight and obesity in the first place.

What most of the obese and overweight population seem to do is simple: they take in more calories than they are actually burning throughout the day.

This leads to a decrease in their metabolic rate and a failure to burn the excess fat and cholesterol found in the foods that they eat.

Consequently, this slows down the entire metabolic process of the body because as it is burning, more and more fat gets added to an already slow process.

Much like a computer becomes overwhelmed with so many open applications that it crashes.

The same idea applies to the metabolic process in the body.

To equalize your metabolic rate, you should follow healthy diet practices and a regular daily exercise program; otherwise, you will have to deal with the consequences of being overweight.

What Actually Goes Into Phentermine and Adipex?

The main active ingredient in Phentermine 37.5 is Phentermine Hydrochloride and is also the active ingredients in pharmaceutical fat burners sold under the trade names of Adipex, Adipex-P, Adiphene, Duromine and Suprenza.

You can also find Phentermine HCL as the main ingredient in popular synergistic weight loss preparations such as Fen-Phen and Qsymia.

Be aware that this is not a diet supplement though, so be warned that it is not composed of natural ingredients and does require a prescription from a doctor or other licensed health care professional.

The main actions of the ingredients are that of appetite suppression, metabolism enhancement, and an energy production.

How Do The Ingredients Work?

Phentermine works by stimulating the hypothalamus gland, which is the part of the brain that controls not only the appetite but also the nervous system, sleep cycles and body temperature.

This stimulation sends out messages to the adrenals to release neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine which in turn signal the body with a message of fullness or satisfaction so to speak.

It also may enhance serotonin levels in the brain, which would also help with appetite suppression and overall mood enhancement.

An elevated mood is optimal for people trying to lose weight because when you are happy, you are not hungry.

Do the Active Ingredients Produce Side Effects?

Effects on Sleep

Phentermine is well known to bring on insomnia, especially if taken later in the day.

This is due to its effects on the adrenal glands, releasing fight or flight chemicals such as norepinephrine, that are very strong at boosting energy levels, not much unlike caffeine.

So in order not to deprive your body of well needed sleep, do not take a dose in the evening or without any form of exercise, as you may have too much excess energy stored up even if you take your dose early in the day.

The recommended time to take this weight loss pharmaceutical is early in the morning, usually after breakfast so that the pill’s effectiveness can be maximized throughout the activities in the course of a day.

Physical Side Effects

Using a prescription fat burner like this also brings about physical side effects as well.

Such side effects as feeling mild chest pains and light headed are not uncommon.

You might even get some swelling in your arms, legs and feet and experience possible allergic reactions due to the main ingredient.

It may also cause diarrhea, constipation and an upset stomach.

It should be known that this prescription can also affect a person’s sexual libido, which can result in a low sex drive.

Effects on Hydration

Another common and non-threatening side effect is dry mouth.

This is a relatively minor, but very common side effect and happens when users fail to constantly hydrate themselves while on the drug.

Being this is well documented to be a very potent drug that boosts the metabolism, adequate water intake is needed to regulate the increase in energy production and to replenish hydration in the body.

Psychological Effects

On the psychological side, Phentermine may produce serious side effects that should be taken into consideration as they may affect overall well being.

This pill is known to bring about headaches, confusion, and lapses in memory as well as sudden mood swings, paranoia, and anxiety if taken in doses higher than prescribed.

RESOURCE: For a full list of the side effects from Phentermine and Adipex see: Phentermine Side Effects in Detail –

Recommendations for Best Results

Overall, Phentermine is an extremely effective prescription diet pill for anyone who is extremely overweight and clinically obese.

But in order to get the maximum benefits, it would be optimal to implement a weight loss program consisting of a fat burning diet along with an intense daily exercise routine.

Good Dietary Habits

A good diet program usually includes a higher intake of dark leaf lettuce and fibrous green vegetables, low glycemic whole wheat breads and cereals and low glycemic fruits such as fresh berries.

Healthy eating habits like these will prove to make your weight loss a lot more efficient.

You should also include an exercise program that consists of cardiovascular exercises along with resistance training exercises.

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular training includes activities such as swimming, walking, jogging, running, cycling or any form of exercise that your body is in constant motion for at least a half hour.

This time recommendation is important for overall effectiveness because you start to burn fat after the first fifteen minutes of constant exercise.

Resistance Training

Resistance training is the other form of exercise that you should include for overall effectiveness and will consist of a weight training program, sometimes in the form of a circuit routine or cross training. You will actually burn up more calories with weight training than cardio training and that is why it is so important to include in your fat loss program.

Avoid Common Vices

It would also be wise to avoid vices such as cigarettes, alcohol and other forms of recreational drugs and medications. This is so that you don’t risk having any serious side effects as well as any serious complications from drug interactions, as mixing some drugs has proven to be fatal.


So in wrapping up, to achieve maximum weight loss from the ingredients in Phentermine, it is important to enhance your lifestyle with healthy dietary habits, a regular high intensity exercise regimen and a vice-free lifestyle.

Also, be smart and consistent about taking the recommended prescribed daily dosage which should begin in the morning, which is the best time for use.

And most importantly, in order to get the best results out of your Phentermine diet pills, make sure you exercise within the time frame that the ingredients are active in your body. You will see results a lot faster this way.

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