Best Thermogenic Fat Burners – Top 5 Supplements To Lose Fat Fast

Thermogenic fat burner supplements for fast weight loss

Are Thermogenic Fat Burning Supplements Really All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

If you stay well informed and up to date on the current trends in the different weight loss methods that people are using, then you probably already know that thermogenic fat burners are some of the most popular supplements for losing fat.

Fat burning pills differ from other popular diet pills like ALLI and Garcinia Cambogia because they function through the process of thermogenesis.

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Thermogenesis is a means of burning up fat stores through an increase in heat production caused by an increase in metabolic stimulation; or an increase in caloric expenditure.

The thermodynamics of fat loss is as simple as basic physics that is applied to anything else in the world.

So if you really want an effective tool to add to your weight loss diet and exercise program, you may want to take a look into thermogenic fat burners.

Effective Thermogenesis and BMR

The key to effective thermogenesis is the ability to increase your basal metabolic rate well above baseline.

BMR is the abbreviation for Basal Metabolic Rate, which is your baseline balance of calories consumed and calories burned. Your BMR defines the number of calories that you need in order to maintain your current weight.

People who are naturally lean and carry lower levels of body fat have a higher BMR than someone who tends to carry more fat on their frame.

This is why they can eat virtually anything they want while still remaining lean.

So if you want to start losing weight, or getting your body to start burning the fat stored around your belly, you must increase your BMR.

Increasing your BMR can be achieved in several different ways, but most people look for the easiest route that requires the least amount of effort.

This is where the use thermogenic fat burners come into play.

How to Lose Weight with Thermogenic Fat Burners

Even though metabolism boosting supplements are not going to be the magic solution to all of your weight problems, they are still going to give you an advantage when it comes to losing weight.

If you are working hard in the gym and staying consistent on your diet, then these products can actually help to increase the rate in which you lose fat.

This is an incredibly good thing for those who want to lose belly fat, whether for aesthetic reasons or overall health benefits.

Fat burners work through the process of thermogenesis and there are actually three different types of thermogenesis.

  • Exercise Induced: The first type is from the result of exercise or other forms of physical activity. Your muscles create heat from movement in order to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Thermo-Regulatory: The next type is referred to as thermo-regulatory thermogenesis, which is when the body works to regulate a constant temperature of 98.7 degrees. This is most commonly demonstrated in a cold climate when your body starts shivering. Your muscles start to shake in an attempt to create heat in order to maintain a proper core temperature.
  • Diet Induced: The last type of thermogenesis is diet induced thermogenesis, which is the amount of heat that your body produces after you eat a large meal. The heat is created is from the digestive process, and will vary depending on the size of the meal and nutrient profile.

In all three cases, thermogenesis is generated in the body when the sympathetic nervous system is triggered, causing norepinephrine to be released.

The release of norepinephrine acts to turn up the thermogenesis process in the body.

Think of it as turning up the thermostat on your body above the regulated level, which is your basal metabolic rate.

And that is how thermogenic fat burners work; through the process of helping your body to release more norepinephrine.

Start with the Basics

A simple thermogenic fat burner that you are probably already familiar with is caffeine.

Caffeine is the base component in just about every fat burning diet pill and if you take a look at a label, you will usually see that it the most popular sources include green coffee beans, Yerba Mate, cocoa beans, and Guarana seeds.

In the higher end fat burners like Phentramin-D that contain synthetic ingredients, you will more than likely find a higher end synthetic version of caffeine.

This usually ends up being a compound called 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, also known as Caffeine Anhydrous.

Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system, helping to increase energy, enhance alertness and improve coordination.

This is why it is a key component in popular energy drinks and pre-workout supplements.

Caffeine is commonly used in pharmaceutical preparations as well, helping to increase the effectiveness and speed of certain drugs such as pain relievers.

This is just one example of a thermogenic used in fat burners and there are many more over the counter products that you can use in order to perform the same task.


So no matter what your fat loss goals, thermogenic supplements can be a great addition in your fat fighting arsenal.

And although there is no such thing as a pill that will work like magic, a high end supplement can work wonders when combined with a proper diet and exercise program.

Do if you want that extra edge to help you lose fat faster, give a thermogenic diet pill a try today.

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