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Progene Reviews and Buying Options Guide

SUMMARY: Progene is an all-natural herbal test-boosting solution that targets testosterone production in aging males. This article reviews the benefits of Progene and further discusses the ingredients, side effects and customer feedback.

Progene has become a popular name lately when it comes to natural testosterone boosting supplements.

Claiming to be a doctor recommended formula that supports declining testosterone levels, it does look promising for gaining lean muscle mass and endurance.

On top of that, it looks like it may be able to provide increases in energy and motivation as well.

But are these claims legit and does Progene live up to all of the hype?

Let’s take a closer look and find out.

Progene Review – Does It Really Work?

The average Testosterone levels in healthy men are expected to drop by 1-2 percent every year.

This means that production will have dropped to almost 20-30 percent of its initial levels by the age of forty.

Decreased testosterone levels lead to a decrease in muscle strength and size gains, sexual drive and performance and overall energy levels.

Is there a natural remedy that can help stop this unwanted decline?

Let’s take a look at one of the latest popular options called Progene and see how it stacks up.

Top 3 Products Similar To Progene

1. What Is Progene?

Progene is one of the many popular over the counter testosterone boosting supplements that boasts a long list of rare herbal ingredients.

The product is aimed at successfully boosting lagging testosterone levels for increased performance and motivation.

The goal is to help your body gain the size, strength, vitality and performance that you have lost over time and roll it back to its younger years.

2. How Does It Work?

Progene has a unique dual action formula that includes a unique component that works in conjunction with the blend of herbal ingredients.

The first part is what’s termed as a ‘pro-hormonal’ component, which works as the base for the natural production of testosterone.

Then there are the herbal components that work to promote proper utilization of the pro-hormonal components.

3. Main Herbal Compoments

That main herbal component in Progene consists of Wild Oat extract, Withania Somnifera root and Gurana seed extract.

The job of these main herbal components is to aid in overall energy production and sustenance.

L- Arginine and DHEA are two components that play a major role in

Eulethero Root and Lycopene work together to enhance the body’s immune response and help increased vigor and vitality.

Tribulus Terrestris Root and Sarsaparilla Root help to increase sexual energy and performance while helping to increase lean muscle mass and strength.

4. Pro-Hormonal Activators

Progene has two main testosterone base components, DHEA and Muira Puama extract.

These act as the Pro-Hormone activators for the herbal ingredients to help the body to naturally manufacture more testosterone.

On their own, they aid in enhancing motivation and a positive outlook that lead to better physical and mental performance.

This is not an overnight cure-all though.

The dual action of Progene is designed to work over the long term and that’s why it’s advised to take Progene daily over a period of many months in order to see the best results.

5. Progene Ingredients

Progene contains a number of popular testosterone boosting ingredients that you can find in other over the counter formulas.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the ingredients and see how they can help you increase your testosterone levels naturally.

Progene Ingredients Nutrition Label

L-Arginine HCL

L-Arginine works in helping your body to naturally increase NO2 which results in greater muscle mass and huge skin-stretching pumps.

This is why it’s a fundamental ingredient in most pre-workout supplements.

As stated, it metabolizes easily into Nitric Oxide (NO2), which is key for improved blood flow and getting those coveted pumps in the gym.

Better blood flow has an immense number of other health benefits as well, including improved cardiovascular health, improved sexual function, helping your body remove harmful toxins and more.

Although L-Arginine can be obtained through a healthy diet, a supplement will help produce even greater amounts of NO2 and result in significant benefits.

Tongkat Ali 50:1 Extract (Eurycoma Longifolia Root)

Eurycoma Longifolia, or “Long Jack” as it is well knows, is a common test-booster ingredients that comes from a rare herb in Asia.

Long Jack is considered one of the more potent natural testosterone boosters because it is said to help your system more effectively produce testosterone.

It’s also known to improve stamina, endurance, energy and skyrocket libido.

Guarana Seed Extract (Paullinia Cupana)

Native to Brazil and Venezuela, the Guarana plant or technically known as ‘Paullinia Cupana’, produces a seed with many performance enhancing benefits.

It’s an intense energy booster and often found in diet pills since it contains generous amounts of natural caffeine, even more than your daily cup of coffee.

This extra added energy helps to give you both the workout intensity and endurance that you need to grind out those brutal training sessions.

It also been reported to help with weight loss and is even used as a stress reliever.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

DHEA is one of the most popular ‘pro-hormone’ supplements on the market today that is used in building muscle and anti-aging.

Regarded as a great overall health supplement, it’s involved with many different biological processes, from improving bone density to boosting the immune system.

Studies have also shown the benefits of DHEA in helping to control and even decrease the growth of fat cells.

Saw Palmetto (Berry Extract)

Saw Palmetto Extract is a popular name among testosterone boosters because it always seems to be one of the main ingredients in just about every product out there.

Saw Palmetto is unique because it actually has the ability to limit production of several test-binding enzymes in the body.

By doing so, healthy free-testosterone levels can be maintained.

Damiana Leaf

Damiana is a shrub that grows in North America, Central America, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean.

Men have traditionally found success using the leaves of the Damiana plant because of its ability to increase sexual desire and performance while decreasing impotence. [1]

Damiana is also known for its antidepressant qualities and helping to decrease anxiety while improving sexual health.

Sarsaparilla Root

Sarsaparilla Root has been used as a tonic in traditional herbal medicine to help increase the production of male hormones.

It has long been used by locals in South American regions to improve sexual vigor, stamina and overall health.

Sarsaparilla Root comes with additional benefits for bodybuilders and has been used for years by lifters for its ability to help increase lean body mass and improve endurance.

Ginger Root

Ginger has a reputation as an excellent herbal tonic for helping to improve digestion and control nausea.

It contains powerful antioxidant properties, making it useful for even the common cold as well as digestive issues.

But what most people don’t know is that this wild Amazonian shrub has been traditionally used for centuries as a sexual enhancer for native Brazilians.

More recent clinical studies have scientifically proved it to be true.

Muira Puama (Aerial Parts Extract)

Muira Puama Concentrate helps to naturally increase testosterone levels, which makes it not only an ideal sexual enhancer, but an ideal bodybuilding supplement as well.

This root has been used as a tonic to help to enhance general health and well being, improve memory capabilities, increase stamina and boost vigor.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus Senticosus)

Eleuthero, otherwise known as Siberian Ginseng, is one of the most powerful herbal “adaptogens”.

Adaptogens are herbs which are used to support the body and help it to “adapt” during times of high stress or great physical exertion.

Eleuthero has been used medicinally for thousands of years in Eastern traditions to help increase both physical and mental stamina, while improving an overall sense of well-being.

Ginseng Root Blend (Korean, Chinese Red Panax And Tienchi)

Another very popular herbal adaptogen is Ginseng, which comes in many different forms.

Found in several areas of Asia, Ginseng has been around for nearly five thousand years, being used medicinally in a variety of different cultures.

The energy and overall health benefits are said to be the result of a chemical compounds found in Ginseng called ginsenosides.

Recent research has also shown that Ginseng can provide benefits in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. [2]

Oat Straw Extract (Avena Sativa)

Known also as “Avena Sativa”, oat straw contains large amounts of avenocosides, the active component that may help to increase testosterone.

Avena Sativa works by freeing up bound testosterone, thus increasing levels of free testosterone.

Free testosterone is the only form that matters for building muscle mass.

Stinging Nettle Leaf Extract (Urtica Dioica)

Stinging Nettle is found throughout many of the mountainous regions in the U.S.

The name is appropriate, since the plant itself is dangerous to the touch and can cause a painful rash.

Concentrating the plant’s roots on the other hand, may provide many health related benefits.

One of the main benefits of Stinging Nettle is the role it plays in inhibiting aromatase, an enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen.

Another benefit is its role in freeing up testosterone by binding with SHBG, a protein that is known for binding to testosterone and making it inactive.


Lycopene is a popular supplement for men and is actually the pigment which gives many fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes their red color.

Lycopene has been shown to be beneficial in helping health issues in men such as cardiovascular disease, joint inflammation and prostate health.

Mucuna Puriens (Seed)

Mucuna Puriens, also known as Velvet Bean in some areas, is an ancient medicinal herb that is found in areas of India and China.

Rich in L-Dopa, it has been used for many years in the treatment of a vast number of ailments, from male infertility to diabetes.

Studies have shown that Mucuna Pruriens can significantly improve Testosterone, Luteinizing hormone, Dopamine, Adrenaline, and noradrenaline levels. [3]

The same study showed a reduction in Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Prolactin levels while sperm count and motility were significantly recovered.

Withania Somnifera (Root)

Better known as Ashwagandha, this small shrub located in areas of India and Africa have been proven in many clinical trials to be beneficial for male health.

In a study with men ages 50-59, those who took a Withania Somnifera root supplement for 12 months saw lowered cholesterol, healthier red blood cells, improved sexual performance, and stronger immune systems.

Licorice (Root)

Sometimes referred to as “sweet root”, Licorice is an adaptogen herb that has long been used in to improve focus and concentration.

Licorice has also been used for stabilizing blood sugar, combating adrenal fatigue and has been proven to act as a powerful antioxidant. [4]

Tinospora-Cordifolia (Leaf)

Native to India, Tinospora Cordifolia has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine because of its antioxidant functions and ability to boost the immune system.

There have also been reports that it helps to improve cognition, memory and concentration.

This herb also has the ability to lessen joint pain and even improve kidney function.

Nutmeg (Seed)

Nutmeg comes from a tree called Myristica Fragrans.

The seed of the nut has been used for centuries to improve digestion.

It helps the body to absorb more nutrients and also acts as an antioxidant.

Tribulus Terrestris (Root)

Tribulus Terrestris has long been used in the bodybuilding world and is one of the most popular testosterone boosting supplements because of its fail-proof results.

Both strength and physique athletes alike call it their “secret weapon” for winning competitions.

There is a reason that it is one of the top testosterone boosting ingredients on the market.

Tribulus has shown time and time again its benefits for improved muscle growth, stamina, libido and fertility in men.

6. Customer Reviews

So what are customers saying?

There are a number of reviews on Amazon that you can take a look at and see what people who actually used the product are saying.

Seems to be a mix of good and bad, everything from “it works” to “it’s a total scam”.

There are some reviews that are a bit of concern, which will be discussed in the next section.

7. Progene Side Effects

When you read the reviews on Amazon you may come across a few of them that may cause some concern.

The trend seems to be a problem with liver enzyme values, but it is not known whether the users had problems beforehand.

Another user who was actually involved in a study for the supplement stated that his testosterone actually decreased after taking Progene.

With that said, it would be best to check with your physician before starting this supplement and then getting your liver enzymes and testosterone levels tested periodically.

8. The Final Verdict And Recommendation

So is Progene the best supplement out there on the market?

There are some concerns with this supplement that would have me believe it’s not the best one out there.

As a matter of fact, there are far better test boosters that have not had any reported side effects from users.

With that said, I would play it safe and pick a product like TestoGen that has been proven safe and effective for boosting testosterone levels in men.

Don’t take my word for it though; take a look at what users are saying about TestoGen and then decide for yourself.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Progene a supplement only for athletes?

A. In general, it’s not. While including a proper diet and regular exercise program is always beneficial, it is not completely necessary in order to see results.

Q. How much do I take per serving? And when should I take them?

A. You only have to take one serving (2 capsules) of Progene once per day. Progene should be always be taken after a meal.

Q. How does the shipping process work?

A. If you order before 4 pm (Eastern Standard Time), your package will begin shipping by the next business day. Most shipments arrive within 2-5 days (in the United States). Ordering and shipping runs Monday through Friday.

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