PhenTabz Review – Everything You Need To Know And More!

PhenTabz Reviews ingredients and buying options

PhenTabz once claimed to be the world’s strongest over the counter fat burners and appetite suppressants available without prescription.

That was back when it was still being manufactured under the name Gentech Pharmaceuticals.

Now manufactured by Lexium International, PhenTabz is still heavily marketed in the US as one of the top diet pills on the market.

With reported claims of losing 2-3 lbs per week without side effects, is PhenTabz too good to be true?

In this review, we’ll see if PhenTabz lives up to the marketing hype and take a look at how it compares to other similar supplements on the market.

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PhenTabz At A Glance

PhenTabz was previously manufactured under the Gentech Pharmaceuticals name, who produced non-prescription Pharmaceuticals and had offices in the US and UK.

They manufactured a number of high-end weight loss and mental performance supplement including PhenTabz Teen, ADDTabz and PhenTabz RX.

GenTech soon found itself in trouble with the FTC for making unsubstantiated claims about products while also landing an F rating with the BBB. [1],[2]

PhenTabz Teen and PhenTabz RX soon vanished from their website and the company name changed to Lexium International.

PhenTabz is still available as well as ADDTabz and a sleep aid called REMTabz.

PhenTabz Ingredients

If you are like most people and want to check out the ingredients before you buy a product, you are going to be frustrated.

Still to this date, none of the ingredients in PhenTabz are listed on the official website.

The only thing they list under ingredients is 125mg of something called Ampheta-HCL, which is supposedly their proprietary patented blend of ingredients.

It can’t be actual Ampheta-HCl, which is Amphetamine Hydrochloride, because that is a classified drug. [3]

Actual Ampheta-HCL has similar properties to Amphetamine, which is not only addictive but also very dangerous in certain quantities.

No other ingredients are listed anywhere, simply stating that the most advanced proprietary formulations currently available, which is not acceptable.

So the bottom line is that no ingredients are listed, so it is next to impossible to evaluate how truly effective it really is.

How Does PhenTabz Work?

The manufacturer claims that PhenTabz can increase the body’s ability to mobilize fat while increasing metabolic rate.

This promotes and enhances fat burning and increases the availability of energy.

Similar to products like Phen375, Taking PhenTabz is also supposed to help reduce your appetite and help to keep your cravings under control.

All of this together can have a synergistic effect of keeping you motivated.

According to the website, PhenTabz is designed to:

  • Suppress your appetite
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Accelerate fat mobilization
  • Lose actual fat and not just water weight

PhenTabz Side Effects

According to customer reviews, you may experience some common side effects seen in other products like FenFast 375 such as dry mouth or sleeplessness.

That is to be expected with a stimulant that acts as a diuretic as well.

Other side effects may include symptoms such as an increase in blood pressure and heart palpitations.

PhenTabz Pros

Any pros about this supplement would have to be based on the reviews from the official website, which are outdated.

No ingredients are listed so an assessment based on ingredients is not available either.

So with that said, it’s pretty hard to list any evidence-based positives about this product.

PhenTabz Cons

  • No ingredients listed
  • Lack of clinical evidence
  • Lack of detailed information on the website
  • Reviews are all from 2016 and earlier
  • The company has an F rating with the BBB

Where Can I Buy PhenTabz?

You can buy PhenTabz from the official website or from the Lexium International website.

The price hasn’t changed in years and is currently being advertized at $69 for 1 month to $249 for 4 months’ supply.

Final Thoughts on PhenTabz

PhenTabz is marketed as being as powerful as some prescriptions while being completely safe.

Considering the main ingredient, Ampheta-HCl, is the only ingredient listed, you don’t really know if it can be a dangerous supplement or not.

Plus, there aren’t any recent customer reviews online so again, you don’t know how the current formula performs or if it is safe.

To know how effective PhenTabz is, a full ingredient listing should be disclosed otherwise you have no idea what you are buying.

The manufacturer should also have current customer reviews so people aren’t relying on feedback based on previous formulations.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line: PhenTabz is not a cheap supplement, even considering the discounted 4 month package.

So you are taking a big risk buying a product that you don’t even know what the ingredients are.

For this price it would be expected to see a lot more detained information about the product on the website.

It’s time to consider something better…

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