The Beginner’s Guide to Hiring a Personal Trainer For Weight Loss

Hiring a personal trainer for weight loss can help you lose weight faster

Follow these guidelines and learn how to get the right trainer the first time around

The truth is, while anybody can be a personal trainer, finding the best one, or shall we say, finding a really qualified trainer is surely going to take a little bit of work.

The good news is though, once you do, you’ll be able to help you reach your fat loss goals a whole lot faster.

So, what are some of the things that you should consider when looking for a personal trainer?

That’s the big question here and what we are going to be taking a closer look at in this article.

Do You Really Need a Trainer?

Is it possible for you to lose weight on your own?

Yes, you definitely can.

Many people have succeeded in achieving their weight loss goals without the help or guidance of a personal trainer.

But there are a couple of key advantages that having a personal weight loss coach in your corner can give you over everyone else struggling to lose weight.

Benefit #1: Experience and Expertise

When you hire a qualified personal trainer, you are going to get the guidance of someone who has years and years of experience at planning and executing programs geared toward the specific needs of a client.

This means that they will create a plan that is specifically designed for you personally in order to get you to your goals quickly. By taking all of the guesswork out of the equation, you are going to be able to reach your fat loss goals a whole lot faster and more effectively than you could on your own.

Having someone there to guide you through your workouts is also going to help you to stay healthy and avoid injuries. There are a lot of people out there who suffer injuries due to improper form and poor exercise execution.

All of these setbacks are easily avoided with the help of a trainer in your corner.

Benefit #2: Pushing You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Let’s face it; most people only do the workouts that they are naturally good at and never dare to step out of their comfort zone.

Would you really do all of those extra lunges if you didn’t have your trainer hovering over you giving you the inspiration to keep pushing on?

And would you do the extra 3 reps at the end of a grueling set of curls when the burn seems unbearable?

Of course not; you, like most others, would call it quits for the day and head over to the smoothie bar.

With a trainer’s assistance, you can safely and effectively push yourself past your limitations, which is how you make progress.

And one of the best benefits is that your trainer knows how to properly motivate you without putting you at the risk of injury or endangering your health as you push yourself to your limits.

How to Choose the Best Fitness Coach

When looking for the best personal trainer for you, consider the following factors:

1. Look for a Personal Trainer in Your Area

So, do you hire a trainer that works at the gym down the street from you or do you save time and money and hire an online trainer?

It is always wise to hire a fitness expert that’s local and right in your area. It is actually going to be more beneficial to have a trainer that you can talk to face to face and who can demonstrate exercises and physically guide you through your workouts.

For the sake of convenience, a local trainer enables you to either train at your local health club or studio, or even get a workout right in the privacy of your own home.

And then, for the sake of even more convenience, you can even get a quick workout right at your workplace on your lunch hour. This means that you can skip that trip to the gym after a long day a work.

2. Do You Prefer a Male or Female?

Believe it or not, this is an important factor when looking for guidance from a fitness professional.

Would you feel more comfortable if a man or a woman trained you?

Who are you going to respond better to in regards to instruction?

Some people respond better and in a more positive manner when dealing with a man and some better with a woman. This is all about your personal preference though and you should choose whatever you feel is going to work best for you.

Some people think that just because you are a girl your trainer should also be a woman and a man with a man. The key is to choose whoever you think you are going to be able to build better rapport with and then sick with them.

3. Verify Their Experience: Make Sure They are QUALIFIED!

This is the big one!

There are many fitness buffs out there who think that just because they work out, they are experts and call themselves “trainers”.

But the real question is “are they truly qualified to be one?” Do they have legitimate certifications and University degrees that are related to fitness like Kinesiology or Sports Training? Do they have a reputable number of both clients trained and total number of hours under their belt?

No matter what their claim to fame is, make sure that you verify their past achievements and experience for yourself.

It’s also a great idea to ask their previous and/or current clients and see what they can say about this trainer.

Just remember: There are thousands upon thousands of certified personal trainers out there. But certified does not mean qualified!

So the first thing you need to say to yourself when you think you have found the right guidance is:

  • Are they qualified to train you according to your personal goals?
  • Do they have enough years of experience with training clients like you?
  • Were they successful in helping others reach their weight loss goals?
  • Does he or she provide a specific plan of action that satisfies your purpose of getting a personal trainer in the first place?

Whatever your goal is, whether it is for weight loss, to enter into a competition or just to reach your personal goals, make sure your “trainer” has the experience necessary to take you on as a client and has been successful in the past with helping others like you achieve their goals.

4. Look for Personal Accommodations

And lastly, make sure that your trainer has the availability to properly accommodate you. They should have a flexible schedule so that they can fit in for a session based on your own schedule and not the other way around.

Some trainers may try and pressure you to make the hours and times according to what they feel like training. If this doesn’t suit your needs then keep searching for someone that can conveniently fit you into their schedule based on yours.

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